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When Temperature Matters

CasCade is the specialist in temperature measurement, control, monitoring and registration, 
from PID controller to thyristor unit and from data logger to Scada software.

Active since 1998!

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Controllers and control systems

Very wide range of temperature controllers

Thyristor units & Solid State Relays

Power switches for voltage & current

Paper - & paperless recorders

A good registration is proof

Standard CasCade Solutions

Discover our custom solutions

Alarm & registration systems

Store temperature data in the cloud

Indicators & hand-thermometers

Keep an eye on the temperature process

Thermocouples & PT100 elements

Temperature sensors with short delivery time

Infrared cameras

non-contact temperature measurement

Single & multichannel dataloggers

Data loggers for many applications

Scada software

Develop Scada applications in just a few minutes

Infrared Moisture Meters

In-line contactless moisture measurement

Modular PLC's & Distributed I/O systems

Smart IO systems from Procon Electronics

Temperature transmitters

Convert temperature to a standard signal

Touchscreens & operationpanels

Clear and easy to read touchscreens

Meltpressure transmitters

Melt pressure transmitters

Meet CasCade

Every day, CasCade employees enjoy working for customers worldwide

Did you know that all CasCade Automation Systems B.V. employees together have more than 100 years of technical experience in temperature measurement and control? The company specializes in industrial temperature measurement, control, monitoring and recording. 

Active worldwide

In more than twenty years, CasCade has built a customer base with thousands of customers. A beautiful Experience Center has been set up in Ridderkerk (near Rotterdam), where you as a customer will be immersed in the world of temperature monitoring, registration, measurement and control. Will you drop by soon for a cup of coffee? Of course we would also like to come to you!

Satisfied customers

Our customers appreciate the personal service. One phone call or email and we are there for you. Also in the evening or on weekends!

"LogOnline offers me a quick and clear insight into the temperatures in the various production areas. The measured values can now also be clearly presented during an Audit. In addition, the system is quickly available and very easy to install."
John van Bijnen
Borgesius Breda
"We were not able to regulate the temperature in a stable manner. Fortunately, I was able to contact CasCade Automation Systems BV. CasCade was able to explain to me why the current controller was not working properly and that for this process I needed a controller with a higher measuring frequency.''
Head of technical service

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