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View below all products that CasCade Automation Systems B.V. can supply to your company! Contact us to order products.

RKC Controllers and control systems

Wide range of temperature and process controllers

RKC Instrument power controllers

10-200A 100-480Vac thyristors and solid state relays SSR

CD Automation power controllers

10-2100A 240-690Vac thyristors and solid state relays SSR

Standard CasCade solutions

Discover our
custom made solutions

Paper - & paperless recorders

A good registration
is proof

Indicators & hand-thermometers

Keep an eye on the temperature process

Thermocouples & PT100 elements

Temperature sensors
with short delivery

Infrared temperature cameras


Single & multichannel dataloggers

Data loggers
for many applications

Alarm & registration systems

Store temperature
data in the cloud   

Scada software applications

Develop Scada apps in a few minutes.

Modular PLC's & Distributed I/O

Smart IO systems from Procon Electronics

Touchscreens & operationpanels

Clear and easy to read touchscreens

Temperature transmitters

Convert temperature to a standard signal

Meltpressure transmitters

Melt pressure transmitters

SPRT Reference Thermometers

Reference standards for calibration.

Infrared Moisture Meters

In-line contactless
moisture measurement

PEFC/SOFC fuel cell testing equipment

Fuel cell testing at operating temperature

Shortwave infrared heating elements

Efficient energy saving reliable heating