CasCade Climate Manager

Universal climate test chamber control system, suited for all types of temperature & humidity climate simulation

The CasCade Climate Managereasy operation of your temperature & humidity test chamber

  • easy operation with touchpanel
  • for both temperature and/or humidity control (separately programmable)
  • weekday profiler for both temperature & humidity
  • ramp/soak profiler for temperature shock testing

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climate chamber temperature and humidity control
temperature and humidity testchambers

Your benefits:

  • Modern and user-friendly operation with touchpanel
  • Suited for both new and existing climate chambers (upgrading/refurbishment).
  • Customized with your own company logo and service address
  • Integrated HACCP registration
  • The software is designed in such a way, that you select the desired options during the installation process. Lateron this can be changed in the service menu.
  • The software itself is standardized so you only need 1 piece of software for all your different kinds of climate test chambers
  • Ideal system for revision and updating existing climate chambers
  • DIN-rail mounting for easy install in existing control panels. The touchpanel only needs the modbus communication cable (supplied) and 24VDC power supply for operation. This enables flexible installation in existing controls.
  • Standardized & tested control system that is in use for many years in various test chambers systems.
climate simulation with weekday profiler
Weekday profiler for test chamber
Ramp/soak profiler for temperature/humidity shock testing

Available functions & options (various options can be enabled or disabled during installation phase)

  • The control can be delivered in a 3.5″, 5.7″ and even 7.5″ touchpanel
  • Various ways of profiling for both temperature & humidity:
    • fixed set value
    • ramp/soak profiler for shock testing
    • weekday profiler
  • HACCP registration with CSV file export to USB-stick
  • Multilanguage support (English, Dutch, German and French languages)
  • Automatic error detection with unique error codes for easy reporting of certain errors: enables easy analysis and quick service to the equipment. 
  • Password protected extensive service menu for support of the service engineer (all signals visible and, when allowed, operable).
  • Can be operated remotely with smartphone/tablet/windows PC

Standard delivery CasCade Climate Manager

  • Color touchpanel (1 piece) with standard Climate Manager software application
  • DIN-rail mounting 4 channel measurement & control module(s)
  • DIN-rail mounting 8 channel digital input/8 channel digital output modules
  • 24Vdc power supply
  • RS-485 MODBUS communication cable (specify length at ordering)


  • DIN-rail mount 230Vac or 400Vac solid state relay/thyristor for driving electrical heating elements (specify power/voltage/current and type of heating element, we have an extensive range of power electronics) 
  • Pt100 or type K/T thermocouple temperature sensors (many sizes possible incl. custom-made sensors). Also calibrated versions available on request.
OEM parts