Single & multichannel dataloggers

Dataloggers of the highest quality!

CasCade have a versatile program when it comes to dataloggers en registration products. For instance, we offer the program from Signatrol whose showpiece is the SL7000.

Other than the SL7000 we also sell the so-called Button loggers in multiple temperature ranges. We also offer the SL54, which not only registers the temperature, but also the relative humidity. The advanced software also calculates the dew point temperature. Every logger can be programmed and read with the very same software: TempIT.

Next to the Signatrol loggers, we also sell ACR and IMEC dataloggers. ACR have been a leading producer of a wide range of industrial multichannel dataloggers, where reliability and fast delivery are the key words. IMEC produce dataloggers which are very cheap and for one time usage.

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Multichannel dataloggers

SL700 series

Universal multichannel datalogger with display

Smartreader Plus series

12 Bit series dataloggers for multiple applications

Smartreader series

8 Bit series dataloggers for multiple applications


Combined temperature and relative humidity button datalogger

Single channel dataloggers

SL51, SL52, SL53 and SL55

Miniature button dataloggers with multiple temperature ranges and resolutions

Tempmate M1

Single channel temperature datalogger with USB connection and display

Junior 1000

Single channel temperature datalogger with high storage capacity and RS232 communication port

Dataloggers for single usage

Tempmate S1

Temperature datalogger for single usage in transport