Single & multichannel dataloggers

CasCade Automation Systems B.V. has a versatile program in the field of data loggers and recording equipment. Among other things, we offer the Signatrol program. In addition to the Signatrol loggers, we also carry the package of ACR and IMEC data loggers. ACR has been a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial multi-channel data loggers for many years, where reliability and fast delivery are the keywords. IMEC is committed to manufacturing very low-cost, single-use data loggers.

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Multi-channel data loggers

SL700 series

Universal multi-channel data logger with display
– SL700 catalog

Smartreader Plus series

12 Bit series data loggers for different applications
– Volledige ACR catalogus

Smartreader series

8 Bit series data loggers for different applications
– Full ACR catalog


Combined temperature and relative humidity button data logger
– SL54TH leaflet

Single channel data loggers

SL50 series

Miniature button data loggers with various temperature ranges and resolutions
– SL50 series leaflet

Tempmate M1

Single channel temperature data logger with USB connection and display
– Tempmate M1

Junior 1000

Single channel temperature data logger with large storage capacity and RS232 communication port
– Junior 1000

Single use data loggers

Tempmate S1

Temperature data logger for single use in the transport and transport sector
– Tempmate S1 leaflet