HeatManager Remote Operation

The Heatmanager can be operated remotely by smartphone/tablet or windows PC application, this can be handy for:

  • heat-treatment on a large construction site with a central monitoring station
  • heat-treatments in ATEX zones
  • monitoring several heat-treatments that are taking place in different locations, from the central office
ATEX certified

How does this remote connection work?

In total control of the heat-treatment, even at a distance

There are several ways to monitor the ongoing heat-treatment with our HeatManagers. And all can run  in parallel, so you have the utmost control and most reliable temperature registration possible.

The choice is up to you!

Heatmanager remote operation: Pro-face Remote HMI app

HeatManager Pro and Connect remote operation with smartphone, tablet or windows PC with the Pro-face Remote HMI app.

  • operate and monitor the HeatManager
  • edit heat-treatment profiles
  • configure the channels of the HeatManager (programmer, fixed setvalue, recorder, remote etc.)
  • start/stop channel(s) 

HeatManager monitoring from a distance: CasCade Reporter

Use the free CasCade Reporter software tool (windows PC application) for:

  • download and analyze the actual status and information of the  heat treatment process
  • combine heat-treatment and workpiece related batch data together with the temperature registration into 1 report for the customer in just a few mouse clicks.

Continous online temperature registration: LogOnline

LogOnline recorder chart
example of downloaded LogOnline trend chart

LogOnline datalogging service for:

    • continuous logging of the measured temperatures on our cloud-based service, running on an ultra-reliable server in a professional data center
    • viewing actual and historical trend charts
    • allowing the customer to also view the ongoing heat-treatment while it is being performed with a witness account
    • adding comments to the charts
    • saving/downloading an image of the trending.

Download Apps for remote operation

You can download the desired App from the store for your device. 

Click on the Pro-face logo for the general download page including that of the windows PC application.

Information and manuals

For the heat-treatment technician operating the HeatManager Pro

For the heat-treatment technician operating the HeatManager Connect