Indicators & handheld thermometers

CasCade Automation Systems B.V. is an expert in everything related to temperature. Important, because if you work with high and low temperatures at your company, it is important that the process is closely monitored. Our temperature indicators can be used for this. We can advise you on which temperature indicator is best suited for your particular application.

We can also deliver the handheld thermometers with UKAS calibration.

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AE500 series & AG500 series

A standard series of temperature indicators and an advanced series of process indicators from RKC Instrument Inc.

Hand thermometers


Standard handheld thermometers
Leaflet DP350
– Instruction manual DP350


Advanced series of handheld thermometers
Leaflet DP700 series
– Instruction manual DP700 series

To be discontinued. Last orders accepted until 29th March 2024. Use DP-350 as replacement (sensor cable can be modified on request)


Waterproof handheld Infrared thermometer with laser beam for accurate aiming on the product
Leaflet LTM100
– Instruction manual LTM100


This mini thermal imaging camera / thermometer is compact and easy to use. Four display modes can be set and the emission factor can be easily adjusted to the surface to be measured.
Leaflet TPS


A small and light handheld infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder
Leaflet IR H