Indicators & handheld thermometers

CasCade Automation Systems have exclusively brought RKC Instruments Inc. products from Japan to the Benelux market for almost 20 years.
RKC differentiate themself from many other companies by bringing a wide variety of superb quality products to the market. RKC offer a wide range of instruments from PID controllers, indicators and handheld thermometers to thyristor units and recorders.

Every single RKC instrument has a superb quality and complies to the highest quality standards. RKC has a worldwide customer base and users will never be disappointed!

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AE500 series

Standard series temperature indicators

AG500 series

Advanced series temperature- and process indicators

Handheld thermometers


Standard handheld thermometers

DP700 series

Advanced series handheld thermometers


Waterproof handheld Infra-Red thermometer with laser beam

IR H series

Small and lightweight handheld infrared thermometer with a clear viewfinder