Infrared cameras

In the field of contactless temperature measurement, CasCade Automation Systems B.V. a wide choice from the program of CHINO and Calex. Whether it is a simple handheld meter or an advanced 2-color camera for measurements of 2000 degrees, CasCade can give you the right advice and offer the right product.

In addition to the models shown below, many other types are available from CHINO and Calex, each for their own specific application. Our specialists are happy to answer your questions.

Accurately measure temperature with an infrared camera

Are you looking for a good infrared camera to accurately measure the temperature? We have all the products you need in the field of temperature measurement, control and recording. For example, we sell a thermal infrared camera with which it is possible to make measurements up to 2000 degrees. This way you can always keep a close eye on whether the temperature is too high or low. For more information, please contact us.

Infrared thermometers and cameras

IR BAT series

Advanced series of cameras with many models for a wide range of applications in an area from 0 to 1300 degrees Celsius

Leaflet IR BAT_PSE-412D

IR FA series

Fiber optic Radiation thermometer

Leaflet IR FA_PSE-378F

IR-BZ series

Compact and high-speed IR sensor with separate measuring head and amplification unit.

Leaflet IR BZ

C015 series

Emissivity independent infrared thermometer for applications between 20 and 500 degrees Celsius.
Leaflet C015 series
– Manual C015 series


Multi-channel infrared temperature monitoring system.

– PyroMiniBus Datasheet


Entry-level infrared thermometer for applications between 20 and 500 degrees Celsius.
Leaflet PyroCouple
– Manual PyroCouple


ATEX/IECEx/TIIS intrinsically safe infrared  thermometer for applications between 100 and 1000 degrees Celsius.
Leaflet ExTemp


This mini thermal imaging camera / thermometer is compact and easy to use. Four display modes can be set and the emission factor can be easily adjusted to the surface to be measured.
Leaflet TPS

Body temperature


Measure the body temperature of people in your building quickly and easily. Ideal for the reception or entrance!
Leaflet TP-U