Mass melting pressure sensors

CasCade Automation Systems B.V. has been supplying melt pressure transmitters and transducers for extruders for many years. We supply the very high quality RKC models from the CZ100 and CZ200 series as well as the popular Onehalf20 instruments. We offer the sensors in a wide temperature and pressure range with different connections such as the well-known 1 / 2-20UNF and M18. In short, we can offer a suitable solution for almost any application. Your wish is our challenge.

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CZ100P series & CZ200P series

RKC melting pressure transmitters series

CT & RT series

Standard temperature 400 ºC
NaK filled 538 ºC
Oil filled 315 ºC

– Standard melt pressure transducer
– NaK filled melt pressure transducer
Oil filled melt pressure transducer


AG500 series

Advanced series of temperature and process indicators
Leaflet AG500 series
– Installation leaflet AG500 series
– Operation manual AG500 series
– Communication manual AG500 series