The RKC Instrument PF900 is a “state of the art” ramp/soak temperature controller for running specific temperature profiles.

The PF900 can automatically communicate via max. 4 slave controllers for easy setup of a multichannel system. This can in turn be used for controlling a batch-furnace, heat-treatment furnace for post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) or all other kinds of batch-run processes. 

Leaflet PF900
Instruction manual PF900
User’s manual PF900

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advanced ramp/soak program control
New control algorithm

The PF900 has a new control algorithm, specifically developed for controlling heat/soak profiles. This is different from normal PID control algorithms used by “standard” fixed setvalue controllers. With this algorithm the batch-process is controlled more accurately and without over/undershoots of temperature

Adjustable operation buttons

The buttons on the controller can be changed according to the users’ needs. This enables a more easy way of working with this advanced ramp/soak controller.


With the COM KG you can connect the service port of the PF900 to the USB port of your laptop/desktop. This enables you to easily configure the controller.


The free PROTEM2 software can be used to configure and operate the PF900 in a very easy way. Click here to download the free software.