(Industrial) automation

Products for use in (industrial) automation like machine-automation and glass/ceramics ovens

Thermocouples for batchkilns & tunnelkilns

CasCade specializes in all kinds of thermocouples for use in batchkilns & tunnelkilns:

  • all types of thermocouples
  • standardized thermocouples & custom sensors built to your specification
  • with or without cable to your specified length
  • optional temperature to 4-20mA transmitter in sensor head
  • optional calibration certificate

Non-contact infrared temperature measurement camera's

CasCade specializes in non-contact infrared temperature measurement camera’s for measurement of rolling or moving materials:

  • measurement range of 0°C to +1300°C
  • ultra fast temperature measurement
  • also available with thermocouple type K output signal for easy integration with temperature control & registration system
  • optional display
  • ATEX/IECEx/TIIS versions available

In-line infrared moisture analysers for coating & foil thickness

CasCade specializes in non-contact infrared moisture analysers for:

  • foil thickness
  • organism thickness
  • coating thickness

Process and temperature controllers

Standalone 1 channel controllers for heat-treatment units

CasCade has an extensive range of reliable temperature controllers for integration into (existing) heat-treatment units

  • ultra reliable: MTBF times > 40 years
  • various sizes
RKC RF series
RF series low-cost temperature controllers

Multizone system controllers

SRZ System: universal multi-zone control system with various fieldbus connections up to a maximum of 16 x 64 control circuits.

  • multizone 2 or 4 channel modules
  • DIN-rail mount
  • ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNET, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CC-Link, MAPMAN and MECHATROLINK fieldbus support
SRZ series
DIN-rail mount

Ramp/soak program controllers batch kilns and furnaces

The PF and PZ series program controllers are very well suited for controlling temperature profiles in heat-treatment batch kilns & furnaces.

  • ultra reliable: MTBF times > 40 years
  • various sizes
  • slave controllers can be connected to the program-controller running the temperature profile. This enables a multi-zone control system.
PZ series program controllers
ramp/soak temperature profile temperature controller
Ramp/soak programmed profile

Distributed I/O modules & modular PLC's

CasCade has very reliable I/O modules and PLC systems for all kinds of process signals & inputs.

  • thermocouple inputs
  • Pt100 inputs
  • analog & digital inputs and outputs
  • ModBUS RTU RS-485, ModBUS TCP ethernet, ProfiBUS and CANopen interfaces
  • PLC system

HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels

CasCade has very reliable HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels for operating & controlling all kinds of equipment.

  • 3.8″ to 15″
  • integrated software PLC
  • reliable & rugged
  • can be operated remotely with smartphone/tablet/windows PC
  • easy programming
  • standard functionality for:
    • alarm handling
    • user level management with passwords
    • multilanguage support
    • trending/datalogging
    • recipe management
  • support for many fieldbuses

Easy to use HMI / SCADA development software: SpecView

specially developed for engineers without programming experience!!!

Easy and quick connection to equipment

All I want to do is:

  • connect devices to my PC
  • operate devices
  • datalog signals from those devices and very easily create trendcharts so I can analyse the data quickly

That is all!!!

Welcome to SpecView

How can I help you?

Take large leaps forward with your process control
clear process visualisation

You know exactly how your process works

  • only you know the working of your process inside- and out. No hiring of externally involved PLC programming companies that have little knowledge of your process. No time consuming project meetings explaining to them what you want and need: just do it yourself!
  • easiest way to connect to many devices with many equipment support drivers.
  • In just a few mouseclicks you have the communication with your devices up and running!
  • Add datalogging and trendcharts, also in just a few mouseclicks
  • develop SCADA/HMI applications completely yourself in just a few minutes instead of days/weeks in a very easy way.

Power electronics for driving any kind of electrical heating element

RKC Instrument power electronics

  • very high unsurpassed Japanese quality
  • extreme reliability
  • current range: 10-200A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage range: 35-480Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements

CD Automation power electronics

  • flexible modular system with many options so you only need to order the options you need
  • current range 10-2100A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage up to 690Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • infrared (IR) long- medium and short wave lamps
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements
  • UV lamps

USHIO efficient shortwave infrared electrical heating element

  • Save energy:
    • highly efficient heat source
    • quick on/off response heating element: no power on delay when switching on and no loss of heat when switching off
    • heat only where you need it with optical direction of radiation
  • Highly controllable heating element:
    • fast & accurate temperature control without over/undershoot
    • can be accurately controlled with our range of thyristor units
  • Easy lamp  installation:
    • easy and quick replacement of lamp: click in/click out
    • no additional technical skills needed
  • Reliable Japanese quality:
    • long lifetime heating elements
    • constant energy emission until the end of the rated lifetime
USHIO shortwave infrared heating element
Japanese high quality long lifetime heating elements
Emit-fit easy install connector for USHIO infrared heaters
easy and quick install
optically focusing infrared heating element
optical direction of heat

Paper and paperless recorders for temperature registration

CasCade has an extensive range of reliable temperature recorders for heat-treatment purposes. Also built inside a rugged stainless steel housing.

  • paper- or paperless recorders
  • easy to use cloud-based internet recorders
  • 100180 and 250mm chart paper
  • 3-48 input channels
  • All recorders can be built inside rugged stainless steel housing in RAL color to your specification
  • All recorders can be delivered with a calibration certificate
rugged temperature recorder
Rugged stainless steel housing in RAL color to your specifiation

LogOnline cloud-based temperature monitoring & registration for heat-treatment

CasCade developed the LogOnline cloud-based registration system. Easy access to measured data that is stored in a rugged datacenter: your measurement data well protected!

  • easy registration & access to historical data
  • measured data is transferred automatically via the GSM network
  • easy alarming: you get a message in the email or on the smartphone when temperature is outside limits
  • easy to use cloud-based internet recorders: connect thermocouples, switch on and ready!

Battery powered standalone dataloggers for temperature, humidity, (differential)pressure and process-signals

CasCade specializes in FDA 21 CFR part 11, HACCP and EN12830 compliant battery powered dataloggers for all kinds of applications:

  • temperature: -80°C to +200°C and -230°C to +1450°C
  • relative humidity: 0-100% RH
  • thermocouple, Pt100, Pt1000 and thermistor sensors
  • mVdc/Vdc, 4-20mA process signals
  • 0-500A AC current & 120/240/480/600Vac voltage signals
  • pressure & differential-pressure sensors (0-25mBar to 0-10Bar, +/- 2.5 Pa to +/- 25mBar)
  • digital pulse signals: max. 100kHz
  • up to 10 years of battery powered recording time
  • max. pressures of 200 Bar
  • ATEX certified dataloggers
Signatrol battery powered miniature temperature & humidity datalogger
very small size of only 17.35 x 5.89mm
SmartReader 7 channel thermocouple battery powered datalogger
7x thermocouple datalogger
NATO stock number NSN datalogger
NSN 6685-99-336-6884