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​CasCade Automation Systems B.V. have a wide range of recorders. When using paper recorders we mainly use the CHINO recorder range from Japan. CHINO produce very solid and reliable recorders and they have proved to be the very best. CHINO produce, together with the standard sizes of 100 mm and 180 mm paper recorders, another size of 250 mm paper recorders where they also produce paperless recorders.

The recorder program from CHINO exists of two models; pen and dotting recorders. They produce 1 to 4 channel pen recorders up to 36 channel high speed dotting recorders. Of course the paperless recorders are also of an outstanding quality. Every recorder inhabits the so-called standard functionality, but this can be enhanced with advanced calculation possibilities which are used in many industries. Our specialists can be of help, in case you are in the need for assistance.

Naturally CasCade use the best and most solid recorders from RKC, they produce paper recorders in the sizes 100 mm and 180 mm, and the paperless recorders from the VGR-B100 series.

Concerning paperless recorders, de PR series from Brainchild are the best in range. The PR series recorders have a very high price/quality ratio. Up to 24 channels (PR20) in small size (144 x 144 mm) with an Ethernet port and two USB ports on the standard models has to be recognised as very special. Moreover, the PR series have a high resolution TFT colour screen with a very wide viewing angle.

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RKC paperless recorder

RKC paperless recorder

VGR-B100 series universal paperless recorders

Brainchild paperless  recorder

PR series paperless recorders

CHINO paperless recorders

KR3000 & KR2000 series recorders

CHINO paper recorders

CHINO paper recorders

AH4000 & AL4000 series Hybrid recorders

Brainchild paper recorder

CR06 low cost paper recorder

Recorders in stainless steel housing

All our recorder can be bought in a stainless steel housing or in a powder coated steel housing