Paper & paperless recorders

CasCade Automation Systems B.V. has a wide program in the field of recorders and writers. For paper recorders, the CHINO program from Japan is mainly used. This manufacturer of rock-solid recorders has long proven that it belongs to the top of the market. In addition to the standard sizes with 100mm and 180mm paper, CHINO naturally also has 250mm and paperless recorders in the program.

Paperless recorders

RKC paperless recorders

VGR-B100 series universal paperless recorders
Leaflet VGR-B100
PR-series user manual

Brainchild paperless recorders

PR series paperless recorders
Leaflet PR-series

Chino paperless recorders

AH4000 & AL4000 series Hybrid recorders
–  AH4000 Leaflet
Instruction manual AH4000
 AL400 Leaflet
Instruction manual AL400

Paper recorders

Brainchild paper recorders

CR06 low cost paper recorder
Leaflet CR06
Instruction manual CR06

Chino paper recorders

KR3000 & KR2000 series recorders
KR2000/3000 with data protection
Leaflet KR2000
Leaflet KR3000

Other recorders

RKC recorder for temperature & humidity

SBR HT50 recorder for recording temperature & relative humidity. Compact and precise, ideal for offices, classrooms, laboratories and production areas.
Leaflet SBR-HT50

Recorders in stainless steel housing

All recorders are available in a stainless steel housing or stove enamelled steel
Leaflet recorders in stainless steel housing