Control & Datalogging service

LogOnline is our own online alarming & datalogging service. LogOnline will register your temperature measurements through internet and it automatically produces trendchart of the logged data.. An email or SMS will be sent if the trip values are exceeded.

In a nutshell: A completely integrated service where efficiency is being combined with very reasonable prices. Many companies have discovered the great concept of LogOnline!

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Online registration and cloud solution

To the LogOnline website

SpYdaq system

Wireless control & datalogging service connected with LogOnline

LogOnline features

  • No forms or documents; no manual temperature registration needed;
  • No expensive computers or infrastructure necessary;
  • Low cost, no service costs and no worries about periodic calibration;
  • Your data always accessible, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year;
  • By constant measurements and alarms from LogOnline, you can prevent damage to your products;
  • Savings on your insurance;

Areas of application;​

  • HACCP, food service industry, café’s and big kitchens;
  • health facilities such as sanatoria, nursing homes and hospitals;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Food industry;
  • Research centres and pharmacies;
  • Refrigerating engineering;

How does it work?

The LogOnline databox where the sensors are being attached to collects measurements and passes these through to our specially secured dataserver. The dataserver stores the temperature with intervals of circa 1 minute en processes this in the database. With your unique login name and password you will be able to login and access your own data. You can download a report in PDF format and you can print the graphs of your data. You can also set triggers which will alarm you when a certain value has been exceeded.

For whom is LogOnline meant?

LogOnline is meant for everyone who has to register their temperatures for reasons such as legislation or quality control, but does not want to give it much attention. LogOnline executes this task for you. Note that temperature is not the only value that can be measured, LogOnline also measures other variables such as relative humidity.