REVEX series

  • load type (specify at ordering):
    • 1 phase: resistive, long-, medium- and short wave infrared (IR) lamps, transformer primary side, MoSi2, SiC and UV
    • 2/3 phase: resistive star without neutral, resistive 3 phase delta, short wave infrared (IR) 3 phase star, short wave infrared (IR) 3 phase delta
  • maximum load current:
    • 1/2 phase: 30-280A
    • 3 phase: 30-210A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac or  600Vac
  • many firing modes:
    • half and single cycle  (1 phase)
    • burst firing
    • delayed triggering (1 phase)
    • phase angle with or without soft start (1 phase)
    • zero crossing on/off
    • soft start on all modes (1 phase)
  • many control modes:
    • open loop
    • voltage
    • voltage square (V2) with transfer to VxI
    • current
    • current square (I2) with transfer to VxI
    • power (VxI)
    • external feedback
  • Dual current limit for peak and RMS value
  •  Inputs:
    • 4-20mA
    • 0-10Vdc
    • SSR logic signal
    • 10k potentiometer
  • Very easy configuration with USB interface and free software
  • MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface
  • fixed fuses included for 60-280A unit
  • optional
    • external fuses for 30-40A unit
    • current limit
    • heater break alarm + SCR short circuit
    • display
    • fieldbus module for ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, Ethernet/IP and MODBUS TCP. Maximum 14 slaves. Module fitted with 2nd MODBUS TCP slave port for HMI

– REVEX 1 phase 30-280A
REVEX 2 phase 30-280A
REVEX 3 phase 30-210A

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Fast tune: tune the unit quickly for its load

In the fast-tune mode you can quickly and easily configure the unit to its load

Load analyzer

The load analyser gives a live overview of the power going to the load.