REVO PN series

Multizone 4-24 channel 1 phase power control unit with power synchronization between 3 phases and peak power limiting.. This keeps the power within the limits of your energy contract.  

  • load type: resistive or long-, medium- and short wave infrared (IR) lamps
  • maximum load current: 25A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac
  • logic input on/off signal (4-30VDC) or control via communications
  • firing modes:
    • single cycle at 50% power demand
    • half cycle at 50% power demand (only for 12-24 channel unit)
  • control modes:
    • open loop
    • power (VxI)
  • MODBUS RTU RS-485 and MODBUS TCP ethernet interface
  • integrated fuses. For infrared lamps extra external protection fuses are needed.
  • heater break alarm
  • Optional
    • ProfiNET and MODBUS TCP interface
    • ProfiBUS and MODBUS TCP interface
    • Ethernet/IP and MODBUS TCP interface
    • SCADA/HMI screen. Up to 24 slaves can be connected

– REVO PN series catalogue

– REVO PN series user manual: please contact us

– REVO PN  serial communication manual
– Siemens PLC connectivity via TIA portal

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ProfiNET fieldbus interface
ProfiBUS fieldbus interface
Siemens TIA portal support
Modbus TCP
Modbus RTU
RKC Instrument EtherNet/IP fieldbus interface module for SRZ system
RPN 104-108
RPN 112-116
RPN 120-124, RPN 412-424 & RPN 612-624

multizone 4-24x 1 phase 25A power controller with power synchronization between 3 phases and peak power limiting for resistive and infrared loads

HMI/SCADA panel available
Possible load connections for REVO PN
From 4 up to 24 1 phase independent channels sharing the same phase connection
From 12 up to 24 1 phase independent channels balanced on the 3 different phases