REVO RT series

Compact multizone 1, 2 or 3 channel 1 phase independent power controller with power synchronization between 3 phases and integrated PID temperature controller. It can be used as a 3 loop controller, or as a 2 loop control with 1 extra channel for measurement only.

With this unit you can make a complete multizone temperature control system.

  • load type (specify at ordering): resistive and long-, medium- and short wave infrared (IR) lamps
  • maximum load current: 35-90A
  • maximum load voltage: 480Vac or  600Vac
  • firing modes with/without soft start: burst firing
  • control mode: 2/3 channel PID temperature control (heat or heat/cool) 
  • MODBUS RTU RS-485 interface
  • integrated fuses
  • Optional
    • heater break alarm to diagnose partial or total load failure + thyristor short circuit
    • communication module for
      • ProfiNET and MODBUS RTU or TCP slave
      • ProfiBUS and MODBUS RTU or TCP slave
      • Ethernet/IP and MODBUS RTU or TCP slave
      • MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU slave
    • SCADA/HMI screen. Up to 24 slaves can be connected

REVO RT series catalogue

– REVO RT 2/3x 1 phase 35-90A user manual

– Siemens PLC connectivity via TIA portal

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ProfiNET fieldbus interface
ProfiBUS fieldbus interface
Siemens TIA portal support
Modbus TCP
Modbus RTU
RKC Instrument EtherNet/IP fieldbus interface module for SRZ system
multizone 3x 1 phase 35-90A PID temperature & power controller with power synchronization between 3 phases for resistive and infrared loads
HMI/SCADA panel available
Auto tuning of PID parameters

The unit can automatically calculate the necessary settings for the PID controller(s).

Ready to go signal for extruder

When all temperatures have reached a prefedined absolute threshhold, a relay contact is closed to enable the extruder to start.