The SA200 is a miniature controller in 24 x 48 millimeter housing and has, despite its small size, a double display for the adjusted and measured values. It is a full functions PID controller because it can, optionally, be delivered with digital communication and heat/cool control algorithm.

There is also a SA201/SA210 available, which has a double red display.

A SA200L limit controller version with FM approval is available.

Leaflet SA200
Instruction manual SA200
Communication manual SA200
SA200-Z1067 specification (alarm delay timer function)
Leaflet SA200L limit controller series
Instruction manual SA200L limit controller series
Communication manual SA200L limit controller series

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compact solution
Waterproof (optional)
sa100 waterproof

As an option, the SA200 can be delivered with water- and dustproof housing.

Heat-cool control (optional)

The SA200 has an optional heat/cool control action with adjustable deadband/overlap to get an optimal control result.

Digital communication (optional)

As an option, the SA200 is available with a RS-485 communication interface with ANSI or MODBUS protocol.