This page shows many specific high quality products that were specially designed for the semiconductor industry.

Fast temperature sensors

ST-50/51 Series

Ultra fast film type K thermocouple. Smallest ST-50 has a 50μm tip with response time of only 0.03s. (ambient-250°C in paraffin) 

Examples for use:

  • temperature distribution measurement during glass substrate firing/bonding
  • thermal design verification of power modules
ST series thermocouple for thermal verification
thermal verification
ST51 glass substrate temperature verification
glass substrate temperature

Fast and accurate process & temperature controllers

Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

Rapid Thermal Processes like lamp annealing & bonding require controllers with many calculations per second

Waferstepper / lithography & coating

Very accurate (0.001°C) controllers are necessary for keeping the temperature of optics (exposure lenses) & fine mechanics extremely stable.

  • F9000 high accuracy controller (10 PID calculations per second). Excellent control stability through power feed forward.
  • temperature measurement accuracy: +/- 0.05°C
  • temperature control accuracy: +/- 0.001°C
  • measuring range: 0.000°C to +50.000°C
  • 1 or 2 channel version
RKC REX-F9000 advanced temperature controller
+/- 0.001°C accuracy
RKC F9000 advanced temperature control power feed forward
power feed forward

Cascaded temperature control in diffusion furnaces (PVD/CVD)

Master-slave cascaded control is necessary when there is a large time lag between the controlled object and the source with risk of overshoot, especially in chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and physical vapour deposition (PVD) furnaces. 

  • FZ series (20 PID calculations per second) 2 channel version
  • GZ series (100 PID calculations per second) 2 channel version
master-slave cascaded control
master-slave cascaded control

Multizone temperature control in large scale furnaces for OLED/LCD

Large multizone furnaces require many temperature zones to be controlled accurately. In order to keep a good overview with batch/recipe control HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels are added for supervisory control. Many fieldbuses available.

  • SRZ multizone system 2/4 channel DIN-rail modules with fieldbus interface (ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNET, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CC-Link, MAPMAN  and MECHATROLINK)
  • MA900/901 multizone 4/8 channel panelmount temperature controller
temperature control for multizone OLED/LCD furnace
multizone furnace

Electrical heat-tracing

Electrical heat tracing is used for keeping pipelines and vessels on a stable temperature, and to prevent freezing. We specialize in both reliable and accurate control systems incl. HMI/SCADA/PLC touchpanels for this kind of application.

heat tracing temperature control
electrical heat-tracing

Ramp/soak control for batch processes & furnaces

Accurate and advanced ramp/soak controllers for batch-processes and furnaces. 

  • PZ series ramp/soak controller: easy operation
  • PF900 ramp/soak controller: very advanced functionality
PZ series ramp/soak controller
PF900 advanced ramp/soak controller

Power electronics for driving any kind of electrical heating element

RKC Instrument power electronics

  • very high unsurpassed Japanese quality
  • extreme reliability
  • current range: 10-200A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage range: 35-480Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements

CD Automation power electronics

  • flexible modular system with many options so you only need to order the options you need
  • current range 10-2100A
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase loads
  • load voltage up to 690Vac
  • resistive loads (resistance not dependent on temperature)
  • inductive loads (i.e. primary side of transformer)
  • infrared (IR) long- medium and short wave lamps
  • molybdenum (MoSi2) elements (i.e. Kanthal super)
  • silicon carbide (SiC) elements
  • UV lamps

USHIO efficient shortwave infrared electrical heating element

  • Save energy:
    • highly efficient heat source
    • quick on/off response heating element: no power on delay when switching on and no loss of heat when switching off
    • heat only where you need it with optical direction of radiation
  • Highly controllable heating element:
    • fast & accurate temperature control without over/undershoot
    • can be accurately controlled with our range of thyristor units
  • Easy lamp  installation:
    • easy and quick replacement of lamp: click in/click out
    • no additional technical skills needed
  • Reliable Japanese quality:
    • long lifetime heating elements
    • constant energy emission until the end of the rated lifetime
USHIO shortwave infrared heating element
Japanese high quality long lifetime heating elements
Emit-fit easy install connector for USHIO infrared heaters
easy and quick install
optically focusing infrared heating element
optical direction of heat

Battery powered standalone dataloggers for cleanroom monitoring

SmartReader Plus Series

2-8 channel battery powered  datalogger with internal temperature measurement. Various versions available for:

  • battery lifetime: 10 years under normal use (factory replaceable)
  • thermocouple type J, K, S, T & E (-200°C to +1450°C)
  • RTD Pt100/Pt1000 (-230°C to +300°C)
  • NTC thermistor (-60°C to +255°C)
  • mV/V & mA process signals
  • AC voltage (120/240/480/600Vac) & current (5A to 500A)
  • pressure (0-25mBar to 0-10Bar)
  • differential pressure (+/- 2.5Pa to +/- 25mBar)
  • resistance
  • 24VDC digital IO signal or dry switch contact (max. 100kHz)
SmartReader 4 LPD battery powered low differential pressure datalogger
Example: SmartReader Plus 4 LPD: low differential pressure & temperature
NIST calibration
calibration to NIST standards (optional)