SL7104 universal input 4 channel battery powered datalogger

  • internal/external measurement range: see table below
  • internal/external  measurement accuracy: see table below
  • resolution:
    • all universal inputs: 16 bit
    • internal & external temperature: 12 bit
    • internal & external relative humidity: 8 bit
  • battery lifetime: typically 5 years with sample rate > 2 minutes. Replaceable by customer, see ordering code below (optional power supply)
  • storage/memory size: 128.000 readings
  • reusable when memory full: yes
  • sample rate: 1 second to 24 hours
  • recording modes: ring buffer or stop when full
  • start logging delay:
    • programmable delay period (10 minutes to 1 year)
    • start on external magnet swipe
    • start when counter input goes high
    • start on event trigger
    • Please note: there are no stop logging functions available. Once started, the datalogger will keep taking readings until the memory is full or it will overwrite the oldest reading and provide a rolling window (FIFO)
  • start on alarm: yes
  • software alarms: high and low alarms can be specified in the software
  • channel indicators: 8 green LED’s to indicate logging status changing to red to indicate alarm conditions
  • pc connection: with separate USB interface cable (included). Mini-USB 1B male connector. 
  • material: ABS – moulded from RoHS compliant material
  • dimensions: 124mm (L) x 78mm (W) x 32mm (H). See drawing below
  • weight: 165g
  • ambient temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • protection class: IP50, limited protection from dust ingress. No protection for liquid ingress. Optional IP65 waterproof enclosure (see options below)
  • conformity: EN12830
  • UL Flame rating: 
    • 94-VO at 0.059′ wall
    • 94-5VA at 0.098′ wall
    • UL File Number: E57070
  • warranty: 3 year (excluding battery)
  • optional
    • SL-ACC33: IP65 weatherproof enclosure
    • SL-ACC7000-03: replacement/spare battery (lithium thionyl chloride)
    • SL-ACC7000-02: replacement USB interface cable
    • SL-ACC7000-05: replacement/spare 14 way input connector
    • SL-ACC7000-04: external power supply (to increase lifetime of datalogging)
    • SL-ACC7000-01: external temperature & relative humidity sensor (not possible in combination with external power supply, share same connector)
    • TEMPIT-PRO-4: additional TempIT-PRO software licence
SL7104 4 channel temperature humidity mVdc Vdc 4-20mA digital signal battery powered datalogger
temperature, humidity, mVdc/Vdc, 4-20mA, digital signals (incl. pulse)
EN12830 conformal datalogging
FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant registration

Measurement ranges

SL7104 datalogger measurement ranges

Measurement accuracy

Order codes and accessories

SL7104 4 channel datalogger ordercode
SL7104 datalogger accessories

SL7104 weatherproof IP65 housing & dimensions

SL7104 datalogger weatherproof housing
  • SL-ACC33: optional IP65 waterproof housing
  • NEMA rated/waterproof enclosure for outdoors, weatherpoof
  • Polycarbonate with clear cover
  • UL94-HB flame rating
SL7104 dimensions

SL7104 connections

SL7104 datalogger connections

Please note, that either the external power supply (optional) or the external temperature & humidity sensor can be connected to the SL7104, so not both!.

SL7104 current inputs

SL7104 battery powered datalogger 4-20mA current inputs

SL7104 digital input (i.e. pulse from flow sensor)