SRZ system

The RKC Instrument SRZ system is a multizone modular temperature or process control system with DIN rail mount. It can be fitted with ProfiNET, ProfiBUS, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNET, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CC-Link, MAPMAN  and MECHATROLINK fieldbuses for easy integration into existing systems, such as a Siemens S7-1200/1500Allen Bradley controllogixBeckhoff, Mitsubishi MELSEC, OMRON SYSMAC, Sharp and Yaskawa.

Most PLC systems make use of relatively standard PID control algorithms. The SRZ system however, makes use of special (often Japanese feed-forward/fuzzy logic) control techniques, and because of this the temperature control with be much tighter and much more accurate. Furthermore, the immunity to noise on the measurement signals is much higher than with standard PLC input cards.

  • DIN-rail installation
  • most cost-effective solution per PID channel
  • 2 or 4 PID controllers per module
  • 8x digital input/output modules (control output/alarming)
  • 12 channel current sensing modules (heating element monitoring/break detection)
  • maximum 16 x 64 PID control circuits
  • support for many fieldbuses
  • measuring frequency 0.25 sec.

– SRZ leaflet
– SRZ instruction manual
SRZ-TIO-G high accuracy version 0.001°C
– SRZ-TIO-G instruction manual
– SRZ-CT instruction manual

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RKC Instrument SRZ DIN-rail process & temperature control system
DIN-rail installation & lowest cost per PID channel

Space saving

  • Space saving DIN-rail mount system
  • 4 PID temperature controllers into 1 module (also version with 2 controllers in 1 module available)
RKC Instrument 4 channel temperature control module

4 types of SRZ modules

  • TIO: process or temperature controller
  • DIO: digital input/output
  • CT: current monitoring/heater break alarm
  • COM: fieldbus communication module

Many fieldbuses

Uniform heating on all channels

By rising the temperature setvalues of each channel at the same time, local overheating or stress can be eliminated. This is often important for large tunnel ovens/kilns and heat-treatment processes (PWHT).

COM KG interface

With the COM KG you can connect the service port of each module to the USB interface of your laptop/desktop.

With this you can easily configure each channel on each module in a quick and easy way.

You can also copy settings of 1 specific module to the other ones, for quick and easy configuration.

Instruction manual COM_KG


With the free PROTEM2 software you can configure each channel on each module in an easy way from your computer. Click here to download the free software.
PROTEM2 software
Instruction manual PROTEM2 software