THV-40 series

The THV-40 series are very rugged and reliable universal  1 phase thyristor units.

  • load type 1  phase resistive and transformer primary side
  • maximum load current: 20-200A
  • maximum load voltage: 380-480Vac
  • firing modes:
    • phase angle (for resistive and transformer primary side)
    • zero crossing on/off (for resistive loads only)
    • soft start/soft off on all modes
  • control modes:
    • proportional phase angle (open loop)
    • voltage
    • voltage square (V2)
  • Inputs:
    • 4-20mA
    • 1-5Vdc
    • 0-10Vdc
    • SSR logic signal (voltage pulse signal 12Vdc)
  • very easy configuration with USB interface, COM-KG interface and free software
  • optional
    • constant current control mode
    • external fuses and fuseholder
    • current limit
    • heater break alarm + SCR short circuit

THV-40 series catalog

Instruction manual THV-40 series

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1 phase 20-200A thyristorunit for resistive and inductive (primary side transformer) loads
Compact size

The THV40 comes in a compact, space saving housing. Check the different sizes above.

Easy configuration with PC

The THV40 has a standard loader-port for easy configuration with the COM-KG interface and free software running on a windows PC.