THW-A1 and A4 series

The THW-A1/A4 series are very rugged and reliable universal  3 phase thyristor units.

  • load type: 3 phase, resistive, transformer primary side, Kanthal Super molybdenum MoSi2, or silicium carbide SiC
  • maximum load current: 20-100A
  • maximum load voltage:
    • THW-A1: 100-240Vac
    • THW-A4: 400-440Vac
  • firing modes:
    • phase angle (for resistive and transformer primary side)
    • zero crossing on/off (for resistive loads only)
    • soft start on all modes
  • control modes:
    • proportional phase angle (open loop)
    • constant voltage
    • proportional voltage
    • proportional voltage square (V2)
    • voltage square feedback (V2)
  •  inputs:
    • group 1 (configurable within the group):
      • 0/4-20mA
      • 0/1-5Vdc
      • 0/12Vdc
      • potential free relay contact input
    • group 2 (configurable within the group):
      • 0-10Vdc
      • 0/12Vdc
      • 0/24Vdc
      • potential free relay contact input
  • Alarm outputs (2 points)
  • optional
    • constant current control
    • constant power control (VxI)
    • external fuses with/without fuse break alarm output
    • current limit
    • heater break alarm + SCR short circuit

THW-A1/A4 series catalog

Instruction manual THW-A1 series 200Vac
Instruction manual THW-A4 series 400Vac

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3 phase 20-100A thyristorunit for all kinds of loads
External dimensions THW-A1 20-60A
External dimensions THW-A4 20-60A
External dimensions THW-A1/A4 80-100A