Visualisation & Operation

CasCade Automation Systems give you the magical touch!

CasCade execute the complete program from Proface from Japan, we offer MMI’s (Man Machine Interface) of 3.8 inch to 15 inch and the Touchscreen PC’s in a wide range of sizes and designs.

We do not only offer the screen itself, but we also offer a complete solution. Our programmers have a very in-depth knowledge of the Touchscreens and their possibilities, and they have years of experience with the programming of them. In combination with our knowledge of machining, controlling and PLC Operations we can offer the right solution for you.

You will not need any engineering bureau’s to find expensive solution for developing nonflexible software or for CE licensing, the only thing you’ll need is a CasCade worthy solution: A default piece of hard-tested hardware containing a Touchscreen and a combination of a control loop, some analog or digital in- and outputs from a RKC PLC/controller. The software will be made according to your preferences and alterations to either the hard- or software will never be a problem for the colour palette and size of the buttons on the displays are easy to alter.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Operation panels

GP4000 series

Elaborate series advanced touchscreens from 3.5″ to 12″


Modular touch PLC’s touchscreens


Low cost base model touchscreen 4,3″ widescreen

SP5000 series

Smart Portal series in 7″, 10″ or 12″ widescreen

Industrial PC’s

PS5000 series

Industial personal computer 10″, 15″, 19″ and 22″ widescreen